All the Rights From What is Left

In all my days, what I have seen,
Has made me wiser, broadly keen.
Unlike the blade, the heartless knife,
You helped to save another life.

In the shallow days of grief,
Your tormented soul in disbelief.
To see the ones you love so dear,
Suffer; to reside to fear.

Knowing now their time is here.
We shed but a single tear.
Knowing you were here for us,
We can close our eyes at dusk.

My gratitude like a thousand chimes,
Will sound for you a thousand times.
Though the ones we lost, we'll miss,
[The] newfound lives will flourish, [with] bliss.

They can live in happiness,
Our killers now are scanty; bless.
The treason that upheld our lives,
Now it shall no longer strive.

The treason was the reason for us to change what we believe in.
Propaganda, we demand a--better way to raise our kin.
With all your just, and all your might,
You helped us win this futile fight.

Now that it's over,
The new world, you wove her.
Like a little kilt,
Made of silk and silt.

In the rain from which we wane,
We know now, no lives in vain.
A happy end to all the pain,
A happy end, [to] their profound reign.

No matter where, no matter when,
George, Bob, Kyle, Kip, or Ken,
I hope to hear your name again,
As an honored Veteran.

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