All These Things (I’m Feeling)

I am so in love with you
Your all I want
My dreams all seem to revolve around us
Awake or asleep it makes no difference
I had no idea what you could do until I found my mind wondering…always to you

I want to feel the rush of cold and hot beneath my hands when I touch your skin
When I run my hands through your hair and then stop to pull you in
I want to feel the heat of your breath whispering down my neck as you move in to sneak a kiss
I want to feel dizzy as my heart races
and the butterflies in my stomach explode into a colorful caress

Almost like the whole world knows
Its as if you love me like no one else has
It makes me feel a million things but your love makes me feel alive
And just like that I'm set aglow
You tell me so much but i can see this in your eyes; you want me more than any other
You want me to be yours and just as i want you to be mine

Like every trail of your fingers on my skin
You stop for the smallest moment just to stare into my eyes
I see the question there though; Where should we begin?
and every time you pin me with that stare
I cant help but look away
Looking at me like that, maybe I'll suffocate
Or maybe its like the suns too bright, like sparks are in the air

Its the feeling of your hands around my waist
And everywhere you touch the heat it radiates
And every second my breath catches with the thought of you leaning in to kiss me again and again overwhelming all that I am

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