All Things New

The rolling hills,
Of lush green grass,

The fiery sun,
Blazing at full blast,

The grand oak trees,
Wondering what will come next,

The singing birds,
Humming a brand new tune.

Lord, do they see You?
As they stare in awe?

Do they see You?
As they admire Your work?

The morning dew,
Sparkling on the leaves,

The whistling wind,
Bringing a nice cool breeze,

The bright blue ocean,
Holding all sea life,

The buzzing bees,
Hard at work.

Lord, do they wonder?
Who could have done these things?

Do they look in amazement?
At Your splendid detail?

Feel the lush green grass,
As you soak up the fiery sun.

Climb that grand oak tree,
While you hum along with the singing birds.

Smell the morning dew,
As you dance in the whistling wind.

Observe the bright blue ocean,
As you listen to the buzzing bees.

Lord, do they believe?
As they sense Your miracles?

I hope they know,
All that You can do,
To make all things new.

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