All Things Overlooked

t's not rocket science
We can just take a look
At the recurring acts of violence
Kept out of history books

Brutality crimes been going on for so long
People bein killed simply cause they pigment is wrong
Throughout history my people have prevailed and been strong
Yet everyday a child loses their dad or their mom

Whether behind bars, or dead in a gutter
Tragedy slices through people's life like a knife slices through butter

And like Hugo cabaret
This story black and white

In the streets it's fight or flight
Pop! Pop! Pop! Get outta sight
Ops shoot you in the dead of night
Make sure you hug your family tight

The last thing you see
Could be
The flash of headlights
They shine on the man
With the piece in his hand
He takes aim at you
Looks straight in your eyes
Calls you a -
Pop! Pop! He pulled the trigger

Bullets fly all night long
In the morn' it's the same sad song
Our brother, father, son...
Dead and gone
Yet they the ones who was in the wrong

See, being black is a crime
Been that way for some time
Can't even get a fair trial
The PD's in denial

They stick with the same story
Feared for they life
Yeah sure, another lie
Say he resisted arrest
Left with no choice
Had to put a few holes in his chest

I'm tired of the injustice and inhumanity
The pure insanity
Pray everyday the lord is with you and your family

I'm tired of seeing people dying
Tired of hearing the ops lying
I swear I can't take it

So tired of seeing youth
That look like me
Being buried 6 feet deep
While their family weeps
'Pray the lord his soul to keep'

In a speech,
Kanye west made a statement
Said slavery was an option
Better watch his mouth
Who knows?
He might be next in the coffin

What's left to say?
Except that this sort of thing happens everyday
They say it's not okay
Yet most don't give the issue
much thought

Another black man gets got by an op
They say it's not right
But yet again another innocent man won't be going home to his family tonight

My black community
We refuse to be silenced
Regardless of the violence

I'm bringing attention to all things overlooked...
Make sure to add this to the history.

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