All Wild Animals are my Friends

All wild animals are my friends
Be it deserts, forests, plains or grasslands
My friends are everywhere
Tsetse Fly, Saltwater Crocodile, Black Mamba, Puffer fish to
Chimpanzee, Capybara, Panda, Dolphins, Horse
All wild animals are my friends.
Oh Garuda, “keep us all safe” remember the promise you gave
Oh Bat, see today again you will miss me when am right to your cave.

Ms. Doe, you are indistinguishable from me. Do you wish to confuse my mom and dad with your fingerprints as other Koalas do?
Am tensed, O Snail; will you remember me waking after 3 years too?
Phbbbbt Phbbbbt, aren’t you missing funny sounds of fart, like I do Kangaroo?
Grow up Penguin! You almost made entire Antarctic wet. Shouting 'Gardyloo!'

Mr. Elephant, you are my only friend who don’t jump.
Shall we think of some weight loss????
You too need to think Mr. Ostrich; your brain is smaller than your eye. How will you come first?
I dream! One Day, can I also be nicknamed as "The Crocodile Hunter" just like Sir Steve Irwin? I oath to love equal “The Saltwater Crocodile” and “The Dwarf Crocodile”.
Peter my friend, just imagine, if you were the Peter of “Francis the Talking Mule”. You could probably go to West Point and receive Patsy Award. Join me my friend to revive those golden melodies.
Yes! All wild animals are my friends; they smile like me, they love like me and they play too like me....they are just like me and I love them all.

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