All You Need to Know

Your thoughts create your reality
You are more powerful than you know
Your strongest weapon is your mentality
Harness your mind and watch abundance flow

Manifest, meditate, and practice gratitude
Know that your time, energy, and trust are treasures
Become the master of your attitude
Remember to revel in life’s simple pleasures

Know the universe has your back
Trust in divine timing
Become everything that you lack
Life will begin aligning

Trust your intuition
Every person and encounter has brought you to this moment right now
What is meant for you will come to fruition
Remember the bad days that you still conquered somehow

Forgive yourself for the past
Forget the lies you believed
Embrace the pain that feels so vast
Look back only to see what you have achieved

Surround yourself with others of a similar vibration
Those that radiate compassion, love, and light
Be weary of those with the wrong motivation
They will bring distractions to cloud your sight

They will question, mock, and criticize
But take this as a sign you are on the right path
High energies will only encourage and empathize
Shake off the bad energy with a smile and a laugh

Escape your comfort zone
Discover what makes you feel alive
Dare to embrace the unknown
You came here to flourish and thrive

Love yourself the way you wish they had
Everything you need is already within
Wake up and smile, be glad
Your dream partner is staring back at you with a grin

You are worthy, appreciated, and loved
You are ethereal, beautiful, and intricate
Your angels lovingly watch from above
Never forget that your power is infinite.

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