I remember my lifelong friend's
Strange addiction
to Chapstick.

I remember
Watching her smear
the better part of a tube
around her peeling,
enflamed mouth.

When we were little

We thought
her mother was fun-

With her wild red hair,
and unwavering willingness to participate in fashion shows.

(Now everyone knows that she was just drunk).

I remember the cottage in Maine-

Eating overcooked lobster
With her negligent parents
and my now self-loathing aunt;
Merely a rubbery vehicle for butter-
which was far more enticing
than the margarine
that I was used to.

I remember the day it rained on the beach
and we found an old can
teeming with mosquito larvae.

Tiny and black,
they wriggled violently
against the cold tin.

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