I almost told her all my secrets. But she still suspects me.
I almost give her enough freedom. But still, she feels restricted.
I almost was there for her in hard times. But still, she feels abandoned.
I almost sacrificed my time for her. But still, she feels alone.
I almost loved her. But she is not mine now.
Now I understood that ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH.

I almost treated my son as a friend. But still, he felt me as a strict father.
I almost cooked him good food. But he never felt that I could take his mother position.
I almost played with him like his brother. But he always complains that I spend less time with him playing.
I almost sacrificed many things for him. But maybe he needed me more.
I almost gave my son everything I could. But he is no more now.
Now I understood that maybe, ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH.

I almost worked my ass off to save money. But only could save a little.
I almost cut all my expenses to buy that house. But still, I get to run out of money.
I almost disconnected with everyone to focus and make more money. But I never got enough of it.
I almost kept myself starved to save cash. But still, I got short of money.
I almost tried all the possible ways to buy that house. But I couldn’t do that.

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