Almost Broken

They say you can't fall in love
if your heart is a flower thirsting for water,
not growing.

They say you can't give yourself to someone
if you don't recognize the face in the mirror,
staring blindly.

But why is it that we find ourselves
blooming next to another flower;
Forgetting about the water
living off of pure sunshine?

Why is it that we ignore the holes
in our feelings;
Skipping songs like a broken record
just to forget what's missing?

We want to patch the scars,
with a fake reassurement
whispered softly in the dark,
trying to forget and keep going.

We want to hide our fears,
because the future seems
better than the present,
and we're not alone.

It becomes a feeling that can't be expressed.
Love so passionate and strong,
appears broken like the light
shining through a prism;
Separating its colors, skewing the view.

I want to find myself,
I want to find the right angle
of the prism.
I want to love and be loved
without scars, without fear, without distractions.

I found myself.

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