Almost Dead.

You look into my eyes,

And all you see is darkness.

The darkness of the depths that carry my harness,

The harness that carries me each and every day,

So when I can’t move alone, it’s always there to stay,

Deep within my soul, it brings me comfort,

Comfort just so that I won’t be bothered,

Bothered by the sins and demons that follow me,

Because I didn’t think to take care of my ending,

The way I’ll end up and the outcome of it all,

It shows that I’ve failed and I’m just about to fall,

Unless I can stop it before it begins,

All I have to do is truly fight for my win,

The win that only comes if you honestly want it,

You need to really push yourself to get through the gauntlet,

This trippy trap place that has you by the throat,

It’ll bury you alive if you give up all hope,

So in order to prevent that, you need to just see,

That by digging this hole that’s right in front of me,

It’s like I’m digging my grave with no regards to why,

Or what I’m even doing, Lord knows I’ve tried,

I’ve tried to get out, so how’d I end up here?

I’ll be deep in this grave by the end of the year,

If I continue to go on and on with this life,

Then all moments will be wasted on a loss of sight.

That hopefully I’ll retain before it’s too late,

I know I can conquer this at an undying rate,

Just as long as I wait and look for the truth,

So I don’t end up dead, or wasting my youth.

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