Feeling alone is an endless struggle;
It never seems to go away.
You feel as though your friends don't want to be with you,
Like there is nowhere for you to turn,
That your parents won't understand,
And you smile for the sake of your grandparents.
You just sit alone, do things alone, and feel alone.
Suddenly the little voice in your head speaks up.
"You're not alone," it says,"I'm here for you."
But that's not enough.
You know you don't want to be alone,
With the only friend being your conscience.
So you decline the voice's offer,
All in hopes that everything will change,
And you will no longer be alone,
That your friends will start wanting to be around you,
And your parents will be proud of you.
Then you will no longer have to put on a front for your grandparents,
And you will actually be happy.
Till then you decide to just sit on your own,
With your own thoughts,
Ignoring the voice in your head saying:
He is all you have.
You sit there and wait
Till that day comes,
That day when you will no longer feel alone.

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