I sit at the same grimy lunch table,
with the same kids,
at the same table,
11:20 a.m.
Until one day I notice a new unfamiliar face,
a few seats over.
His oily,
brown hair strings around his face,
forcing a rice krispy treat down his throat.
He's all alone,
at a large table.
I get up and pace over to him.
"Do you want to come sit with me and my friends?"
I ask.
"Sure, thank you," he replies, picking up his carton of apple juice,
and follows me to my table.
"So what is your name?"
"Nice to meet you."
"You too."
"Have you always been in this lunch?"
"No, I used to eat in the library but we can't eat there now."
"Well you can sit here for now on."
He looks down at his half chugged carton and krispy treat,
whispers a warm "thank you" to show gratitude
and squirms off to class,
with a meaningful smile on his face.

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