Darkness slips into me with each passing day.
I am slipping into a black abyss.
No one is coming to save me.
I am alone.
My soul has been shattered beyond repair.
I have no hope.
I am falling into despair.
Who will come to save me?
Am I not worth being saved?
Is my life not important as everyone else's?
I feel like I'm alone in my own personal hell.
I need to be rescued.
I need saving.
My heart is breaking with each passing moment.
I can't breathe.
My life is already over and it hasn't even begun.
Why do I continue to live in agony?
Why is nobody there for me?
Who will be there to catch me when I fall?
Am I to spend the rest of my existence alone?
I should be used to being alone now?
I will always be alone in the shadows
watching and waiting for someone to save me.

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