When humans fly angels die and that's why it's so hard
To keep this soaring feeling I can't just hold on
I've never been so empty, god it feels good
If there was a reason, well I wish I understood
When you close your eyes I slowly die, do you think of me?
Keep me in your arms, bleeding here, I beg for apathy
Don't leave me alone, please, I beg to save my mind
It's serenity I'll never find, am I hopeless?
When I'm left desolate, I fade into darkness
Is there a reason, is it purposeless?
All these tears, never felt so worthless
I never knew I needed you, but now look and see
Without you here I'm screaming, "Save me,"
My happiness was dependent on you,
Too much now I'm done.
My heart has abandoned me,
My mind is too filled up
If I ever needed saving, I guess now's the time,
Now I'm quickly slipping, falling behind.
Catch me when I fall.
It's unavoidable, no question,
But don't sit back, watching me crawl.
How can you just let me go?

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