By: Destiny A. Richards

Just because I love you.
Doesn’t mean that I won’t regret the day I met you.
Having the date stuck in my head.
Over and over it repeats. 9/1/15 9/1/15 9/1/15 /9/1/15.
The moment I looked at you.
I saw something I usually don’t see in people.
Now trust is a big word and I don’t want to overuse the term “Trust”
But you, you were different.
I spent my nights talking to you.
Wondering if maybe someday you would notice me.
Might even be for one single moment where you stop and just say to yourself
“Wow, she's so pretty.”
But I never knew what was going around in your head.
Never opening up to me.
You always had someone else that you could go to.
Someone who you could trust.
Maybe trust wasn’t what I saw in you.
Maybe what I saw was something deeper than that, something stronger.
Or was it just fake?
Was I deceiving myself?
Making things up because I felt as if I wasn’t good enough?
As if I would ever be loved by anyone.
With such a compassion that you two had for each other.
I played myself, while he played me.
I was double teamed.
I was afraid of being alone but look where I am now, yet again.
I’m all Alone.

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