Im in the confused state of mind
should i take a risk with a chance of hurt
or just leave with a chance of better
Because my faith in us ran short.
You're suppose to learn from your mistakes
Not repeat than and keep hurting me
Cause i tell you what i dont know why,
i went back instead of just being free.
Im in Love with the evil villian
from a superhero comic book.
We could of been the best out of the best
But you chose to be a evil crook.
My heart breaks by each beat slower
And my breathing i want to go away
For the last time i would want to be hurt
Never would i expect it to be you again on that day.
I love you so much i havent gave up
But my heart says to do so
and people should say i should follow it
Because my head is saying no.
I treated you like gold
i never lied, i was completely sincere to the bone
But you left me with razors pouring down my face
in the dark and broken, alone.

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