In those days when Daddy was at work
Brother was at school
And everyone else had moved on
Left me behind
In those days, the butterflies danced on the windowsill
Begging me to, "Come play with us"
These were my only friends
The trees swayed in time with my heart
They blew past my hair and into my eyes
They stay there, they're always with me
The fairies I thought existed at age five come out to sing
Ten years later
They helped me find my voice
My stuffed animals took me by the toes
They taught me to twirl with the autumn leaves
I have become one of them
Drifting along with the yellow, red and brown
And each book has pages that will me to join them
These are the only friends
That stay forever

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This Poems Story

Hey, my name is Danielle and I wrote the poem "Alone." All my life I've loved reading and writing, especially poetry, and I've always wanted to be an author. I have two older brothers and an older sister. My parents are divorced. My mother is getting married soon! This poem was inspired by my homeschooling. My father and brothers were at work while I was working on school, and all my friends were in school, so I was alone most of the time which inspired me to write this! If you want to read more from me, check out my Poetry Nation page. Thanks!