Alone in the corner waiting for a sign
A sign that there is more than darkness
But there is nothing
No light, no warmth, no happiness
No one comes to save someone they cant see
They just walk by, laughing, talking, having fun
Never stopping to look at the one in the corner
Never once asking if she is okay
Or if she needed help
It was as if she was invisible
Like no one saw the pain
An invisible life, no soul, no happiness,
Only scars, Pain, Sadness..
Yet even in the darkness,In the corner,Alone,
She fights.
She fights in hope that one day,
Maybe, just maybe,
The one she falls in love with will love her back,
As more than a friend, Or that broken girl,
She hopes that she will wake up one day, with him by her side.

I am this girl.

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