next time I will find a different path ,
I will cut my way and never look back,
are friendships quiet and I'm undone
cause know you know I'm the unlucky one

but I'll never forget your sweet ass smirk,
and your good hearted laughter that will forever lurk,
the way you sing off key to the wrong melody,
the way you talk through the sweet iced tea,
and the way ya sweep away the grains of time,
but most of all I'll miss next time,

the leaves have set and bees fly by,
I look at the ground and wonder why,
the snow has melted and the sun is kind,
but I all but wonder if I've crossed your mind,

I'll miss you teasing at every meal,
and the jokes you love from another ordeal,
your stern look to settle me down,
and the way you stay at this town,
the way you text are you okay,
provides me a future past today,
and if you havent noticed a single rhyme,
it'll make it harder to miss you next time,

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