As brisk winds blow, and fires burn relentlessly,
the stars look down upon the land without emotion.
Seas wash away footprints from beaches where people once were,
but now are gone, as if nonexistent.
Mountaims are moved with a push of a button,
and civilizations depleted with a mere hand shake.
Years pass and times change.
Societies grow smarter but dumber simultaneously.
People follow their governments like sheep follow herders.
And when they're skinned for their wool they wonder "why?"
Led to a trap like a fly to light.
And as trees are cut and bridges burned,
we go on in our lives of normalcy.
But one day the wind will stop blowing,
the fires will burn out
and the footprints will be to substantial to wash away.
People will learn,sheep will run free
and flies will hide in the shadows.
We will realize the stars are not emotionless,
but filled with life.
Life as it's supposed to be.

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