I am talking about being alone
alone like the chimney of a burnt out home
alone like a feather plucked from a bird
that once stretched its wings across the sky
alone like a lighthouse with one eye on the sea
alone like the lighthouse keeper
who to save the ships gives up his time to be free
alone like a desert, a beach without an ocean
like a mime in a choir, like a bottle without potion
like a star without sky, like waves without motion
I am talking about being alone
like a single drop of rain frozen to the stone of a tomb
like a door to nowhere, no hall or room
like a bricked in window, like a gear with no teeth
I am talking about being alone
like an endless blizzard of identical snowflakes
alone like an astronaut who has not what it takes
like a symbol without meaning, like a chair on the ceiling
like an arrow wound on a heel never healing
alone like a deck of cards ever shuffling, never dealing

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