I'm so alone
They don't care if I am
Simply because I don't matter to them
They hear me laugh
But not hear my voice calling for someone to cry a shoulder on
They see me smile
Yet they don't wanna see me crying
They say "smile for us"
But that's just because they can't stand to see me gloomy
They fear my emotions
It makes them uncomfortable
Yet I always make sure they are okay when they feel miserable
When they are alone I try to make them feel comfort
But when I'm solitary nobody wants to talk to me
Those individuals say they care about me
But when I open up about my dark past
they quiet me down because it's too much for them
I don't have anyone
It hurts me deeply
I feel trapped in a place only to face my demons
I wonder if anyone cares that I am
Probably nobody does
But someday I'll be free

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