Alone and left out
No one to confide in
No one to comfort me
Lonely and desperate
Sad and depressed
Who shall I turn to
In my time of need
There's no shoulder to cry in
No more water for tears
Is it time to let go
And let God take control
Will he solve my problems
And extinguish my pain
Will he make a way
And guide me through
Will I come out victorious
Will he lead me to joy
For sorrow and sadness I wish I knew not
Has he always been there
In my time of need
Lurking and waiting
For a sign for help
Is it too late to run back
Or have I missed my chance
Will I be accepted back
As he shows mercy unto me
As I come back with a new heart
And renewed soul
Will he shine his light down
And let me in with open arms

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