That feeling deep inside
that's hidden by the simple side smile
The one that you try to make last awhile the one
that you feel deep in your gut,
And the more that you cut it feels harder to reach for
To make those feelings slide deep away
in a place that you can't feel anymore.
Just for the simple reason that in your loneliness
when you push far inside
you feel comforted by yourself.
No one else just you, and the reason
you feel comforted is because
in the end the only person you can count on is you.
The only person you know won't give up on your is YOU.
When this happens and all you can think
as your walls are crashing down
and you escape into the little place you built as your
own safe hiding,
is I'm going to be okay.
I will get out of this one day, and even if it takes awhile
it's okay because for the time being I'm safe.
I'm safe and alone. But I'm home.

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