Alone at the top

Lonely house perched on a tree trunk
where branches bloom new trees
with a long picket fence that climbs and bends
its way to the precipice where height increases

i walk along its precarious trail
till i reach the paramount i avail
using the fence as a banister
watching the scene as i exhale

the tree grabs the cliff between the falls
gnarled roots clutching the streaming walls
creating an archway as the river echoes
into the misty depths of an endless call

i brush the sky, then breathe a sigh
soaking up all the reasons why
i hear the answer from the pool below
the reason i live so all alone

in an empty house far above
yet close to the sky that i can touch
peaceful as i walk the fence
to a place i know where i can rest.

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    This Poems Story

    I saw this very interesting illustration an decided to write a poem about it, The theme being about living peacefully alone, listening my the voice of nature in my head looking for an answer, being on top of the world close to God\'s resting place.