Alone Silence of the Graves Sleeping

Figure is tomorrow terror to get ready for this staged interview.
That I would imagine that I could be successful at whom?
Who the hell am I am? Vampire king I am not kidding jack. I'm pissed
toilet on written down the seventh tab pill to kill all over.
Oh and that just die watch Rorschach brick
hit yon ass with a dis demented sick.

It's masked in a kiss that extent if it's given nails and hot water.
Thoughts made from the poison Jane cannabis saw dust blades bleed.
It come from across your face h o better know that's
not a joke informal cloak small talk. The roast that keeps going doesn't.
I boast forget your thoughts damaged controlled.

That damaged control I depressed bowl written lyric always
so what now choked thinking. This is about hanging me with a belt though.
I never have felt alive as I did tonight waking up in cry
that doesn't even show soaked in blood.
That's because I started cutting myself with satanic love razor blades are my sword.

Those licks them again he can dwell does a Cinderella corpse her laying there
man that story that's gory unheard of not like no other.
That is unique deep end of the Atlantic Ocean manifest frozen between the artic slopes.
He hopes the bondage to escape from the dump changing
punch lines to someone's spinal cord.

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This Poems Story

Just unhinged rant about me just being rogue in thought expression.