Alone: The Plagued Grave Robber

A poor position I'm trying to get rich in.
I need the bats and the Satanist morbid curiosity to fund me
for every word that I write.
They get it the intent we can relate on any day to be famous
actually not it strong.

It's not with common with this to remain in battle practice makes
perfect solitary sense again.
A dead man's folktale not able to succeed only to fail
in defeat called into this for weeks. I've been on the street in tents
homicidal suicidal intelligent terrific
in the woods hidden.

He lives by this principle of not giving a not ya'll know what of the
matters of one's opinion. That he's broke no money get
by his logic trapped in the cage of suicidal
idol those thoughts as he walks often alone the streets late at night.
I'm head strong a picture parody stone cold silence.

That alone state of condition that I want to be in
keeping without females only seek money bags to me listen they
just whores and pee fetish deplete.
This it's a trap of auspicious design lines that evokes a mental
capacity above lower level intelligence quotients.

Ghastly fallen kingdoms soon all will see me deceased
in these word I live for.

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This Poems Story

Just unhinged rant about me just being rogue in thought expression.