Alone Together

I saw something tonight that broke my heart:
A man, stumbling out of a bar,
The brown skin of his shaved head reflecting the streetlight.
He was carrying a plastic Vons bag whose contents kept bumping
the baggy shorts and pulled up tube socks of his legs.
He sang out loud to no one.
I heard the lyric to an old Aerosmith song, "The past is gone."
There was a suffocating helplessness as he limped past my car window:
His as he disappeared into a dark parking lot,
Mine in my inability to reach out.
My mind kept whispering,
"Come back,
Come back,"
"This world still believes in the limbs she created,
The outstretched hands"
She pays no attention at all to crumbling walls we each build.
I say heart but in truth, it was my own wall that you broke.
Come back,
let's sit on the rubble together and talk for awhile.
I want to tell you how tired I am
of pretending
to not know you.

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