Sparkling eyes like torches in the dark gloomy forest shined
Like chimneys burning his nostrils did release the blustering mist
Contempt,malign,jealousy to ignate eternal flame in him all combined
Revenge, and revenge only was his inatlerable opinion's gist
What mutinous thought I wonder provoked him beyond the limits to go
What malicious pride might have evoked him to make such a great foe

Baffled like half slaughtered bull round he hurled his baleful eyes
Horror anguish and anguish inalterable malign did beget
Hope like beaten commander to confusion did demise
Yet for his calamitous doing he had no regret
For everything he did he had a reason
For serving reason he was charged with treason

Alpha the leader of ruthless wolves had then a high disdain
Taking revenge directly was beyond his reach
Any chance to pacify his anguish he would never leave in vain
So to hurt his foe evil to his darling creature he would preach
His visage manifested discontentment the least
For his body was a dungeone to that tamed beast

Planned he that delicate creature the sheep out of its owner's care
So that he might hunt them in the open field
Since the sheep was the creature owner's most dear
Sent he shepherds so that the sheep to evil might not yield
From thence began the discord that to minds appall
Reason against loyality and revolt against submission did fall

Alpha then assigned a pernicious task to his team
Curious they were to follow his command
So that the hearts of sheep with evil must teem
Their reason from them justice did demand
Sniffing and tracing to the chase they did flit
Ominous planning and a beguiling trap was fit

Found they a herd in the pastures of sharp piercing thrones
Shun on them the sun with its full blazing heat
Heavy the field was with mournful groans
Comfort as they desired to them would never meet
Alas! pathetic desire to combust was born
Tends to a prompt fulfilment but ends in scorn

Searching they were the shrubs of happiness and satisfaction
From one land to the other they did fleet
Approached them the shepherd's affection
By his lift to torments they did defeat
Promise was of all hallucinations turn real must
For that they would ignore the disgraceful dust

Skilled that shepherd was in the leading art
Led he them to the plains of comfort and ease
Gave them a compass so from line they might not part
Done his job was, so their task to them he did release
In an instant dust was picked, shame on sheep
The holy task and divine titles it did not keep

Alpha then found a befitting chance for a hunt
Curious to hunt was his evil dart
Reason strengthened his resolve by speaking blunt
For firmness of vengeance he had no counterpart
What curse caused that damned creature to live in time forever
Inflicting sorrow on every tripper in it and playing clever

Provoked by heavy scorns and a malicious creed
Alpha on seeing the herd did violently howl
Turning the rattle around into silence, muting the sheep's bleat
Broken the silence was then by a dreadful chorus howl
A lull, a silence shouting the atrocity to fall
Wind whispered the melancholic hymn of befall

Chased the herd was in a designed Half done
Lost the line was that to eternal bliss could guide
The shepherd's labour was solemnly undone
The devout shield that could defend was kept aside
Sun like an excited spectator enjoyed every brutality
Moon like a sensuous listner rejoiced every note of cruelty

That was a herd and after many came
Against each planned he a new guilful beset
Complete authority over the wicked minds he did claim
Since intention was sheep's only asset
Intention and intention only determined fortune
Evil ruined,good made the sheep to all trapping immune

Mountains drifted,oceans squeezed,squeezed not his will
Nature tired,clay's forbearance reduced,reduced not his contempt
Clay like a pendulum between two elfin poles faced a constant thrill
Poles,one to apocalypse distracted,other to dawn attracted,a noble attempt
From pole to pole, a heinous field none could escape
Night chasing the day,winter after summer formed a cage

About last herd of last shepherd I must speak
Hunted he by scattering it around
Much easier was for them to attain the lost peak
But the special ones against him never did hold the ground
Alpha has succeeded in his mission to a great extent
By this damnation of sheep is meant

Moazzam Ali

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