Already Know

You tell me that I should already know how you're feeling towards me.
But darling, you've left me in a state of confusion from the way you speak.
Since one moment you're talking to our friends, expressing your desires.
Yet the next moment we talk, all I get is stories of the wife you severely hate.
Pick a narrative you want to portray before I decide to take my heart and walk away.

Night by night, day by day, I'm a complete fucking mess when it comes to you.
Keep getting told to hold on, wait just a little bit longer before you come around.
But I'm tired of the games we keep playing with each other 'cause I'm ready to settle.
Just want one thing in this life, love, and I keep thinking it leads straight to you.
Yet I'm walking in circles, trying to find the answers to the questions I keep asking.
Always getting nothing, but silence as a response so I'll use my words to spell it loud:

I like you and I want to be with you.
I'll spell it out one more time:
I like you and I want to be with you.
I'll scream it out for the world to hear:
I like you and I want to be with you!

I've tried my best to get over you again after falling down the same hole the second time.
Yet I keep climbing back to the same conclusion; you'll always have a place in my heart.
Even when I try not care, your happiness affects me in a way no one has before.
I've had many fantasies dealing with you and you've invaded my dreams as of late.
Why can't we just leave things to fate and accept the destiny that lies before us?
I'm not asking for much other than just open your world to me like I've let you into mine.

You keep telling me that I should already know how you feel towards me yet I'm confused.
Because your actions and words don't line up, yet I'm the same way myself when you're around.
I try to act cold and distant, but instead you have me laughing like a complete fool.
I'm smiling ear to ear and I can feel my heart beat against my chest when our skin touches.
I can see it in your eyes how you're wanting to get closer to me, but something always stops you.
I want to learn more about you and find out what kind of story we would have in the end.
But you keep pushing me farther away that I'm slowly drifting back into the darkness.

So I find myself spiraling out of control.
One moment my heart is complete, the next it's in pieces.
I hold my hand out hoping to reach your grasp.
Yet I only feel air slipping through my fingers.
As tears roll down my face, my armor finally broken.
But I keep trying to hold on a bit longer, be a little patient.
So I pick up the pieces and paint another smile on my face.
Look in the direction of the sunrise and prepare myself for a new day.

You keep telling me that I should already know your feelings towards me.
But I'm always left in a daze trying to figure out left from right.
I can keep writing out my feelings in these poems about you, the ones you'll never read.
Yet in the end, I'll just be another broken hearted man madly in love.
At least you already know about my feelings I have towards you!

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about a crush who says I should already know how he feels towards me, but he doesn't spell it clearly so I spell it out for him.