Alright, I Get It

alright I get it
I am to strong so I will not be nothing
the pains in my feet and hands from a hard days work
doesn't count for anything
slaving for hours over two stoves
with sweat coming down my face
asking for Gods grace to rain on me today
sleep standing and awake wih no conscious
that I'm starting to think I just might have a bipolarism
yes, might, and maybe are my three choices for the year
and my new years resolution flew out the window last year
my phone don't stop ringing and my door keeps knocking
you got a dollar I can borrow
guess what girl! I just quit my job
steam coming out my nose and my brain is on fire
I am glad I put on degree cause my arms are perspiring
taking everything in and nothing going out
flipping the channel and found nick cannons wildin
now I can laugh and relax
he is so crazy
my hands and feet still hurt
so broke I can't afford pain medicine
but now I am use to it and it's a crying shame
so all this to say is alright I get it
but the question is do I really have a bipolarism?

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