Alter Ego

When Jesus said I
and father are one,
come to me you all
Before I am gone.

Declared the krishna
that I am the one,
Who created the world
all things have come.

And under the Bodhhi
When buddha attained,
Bursting with joy then
Humbly proclaimed.

Which cannot be seen
Which cannot be known,
That nothing is me
That void, that none.

Then often you ask
And wanted reply,
A Jesus , A Budhha
Egoistic so, why.

What they conveyed
you never perceived,
With clouds in mind
Truth seldom received.

When they asserted
themselves so high,
You looked at them
With doubting eye.

Your ego is trouble
And it is the one,
doubtIng forever, in
Always suspicion.

Either you boost it
Or get it nurtured,
At times pretending
You Look so cultured.

In Krishna, in Jesus
Where is me, my,
They refer the source
When speak of I.

Mirrors are they
and simply reflect,
Who ever you are
What ever project.

Until you know
language unknown,
No one expecting you
Rightly respond.

The Krishna,The Budhha
The Jesus, names long,
recognize them always
After they gone.

The Nanak, Laotse
Same Light with names.
Where ever you touch
The sea remains the same.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

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