Alteration of a Fairytale

Where we once hid behind the garish costumes at the masquerade,
one fleeting glance, performed the ritual of making two hearts
into one vessel,
an instantaneous action that no one, not even me could foresee.
Nothing could be more storybook than our modern day rendition of
Shakespeare's finest: the tale of Romeo and Juliet.
Although I admit that I find it imperative
to inscribe our own happy ending.
"Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"
I long for you every second that you're away
that a physical agony couldn't capture the effect you have on me.
your scent when I breathe into you,
your power to protect me from the beasts
and the most dangerous of circumstances.
My heart pounds crushingly away at its locked quarters
every time you draw near me.
Whence I pause to reflect on the intellect we share,
the humor causing my laughter to echo off of yours.
Even in the silence
when we find the world in the mirror of each others eyes.
With the horizon on our backs,
our affection splashes onto the painted sails.
So may one adventure lead to the next,one discovery to another.
A briny sailor's knot of what we are.
Together let's take on the world, map out the uncharted territories.
Be a celestial body spinning in the audience of primordial darkness.
Defeat the horrific to find that it was just the mythical Loch Ness.
To pen in favor of a much better fairytale.

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