A word for what comes
before the beginning and after the end.
I'm scared I'll love you always
and lose another lifetime
knowing you before we meet,
waiting to be summoned in that window of paradise
when the whiskey wins and you need to be seen,
catching droplets of affection that spill
from your lips into mine.
Of course they're accidental!
Born from the bottle, not your mind.
But I'm at peace dancing in this light,
content pretending to believe
they're intended for me.
Tell me if my hair was fairer
and my skin stretched tighter over my bones,
and the invisible years between us less vast
But I was still me,
my thoughts, my words
Would I be worthy?
Would I be visible to you?
What part shall I play tonight?
When you lay me down on your stage.
I'm scared I'll be here always,
playing every part
until I find one you might love.

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