Always Faithful

When you sleep with him does he lift you beyond who we are?
When he touches your body does your heart reveal my scar?
Our thoughts we shared for dinner as we left nothing to hide.
And now I eat alone another plate full of my pride.
I hang onto the only thing I have yet to swallow.
First there was my pride then my dignity was soon to follow.
Paying for a mattress, the roof I didn't live under.
One of which you shared with whom my mind was left to wonder.
You could never be a victim from my heart that's broken.
Please love don't convict me just because I have misspoken.
Lay your ear on me, feel the rhythm, listen to the rhyme.
When your eyes become words our bodies become lost in time.
And burning out? You ask, your beauty will never be done.
For you are not my brightest star. You are the only one.
I saw you earlier today, but you didn't see me.
You are amazing, like a rainbow landing on the sea.
Couldn't help but notice your jeans with a rip and a tear.
Won't you dress up for me, perhaps just my T-shirt to wear.
Is there somebody else, another for me to adore?
Must you tease me walking barefoot across my hardwood floor?
I love your cute little walk, your talk, even your whisper.
Always my Cinderella with or without her slipper.
Now that it's unlocked, open the door, won't you come on in?
Even romance can use spice, perhaps a little sin.
If you can't beg and borrow, then you'll just have to steal.
My feelings are forever. My devotion is for real.

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This Poems Story

It seems for most people poems are words that rhyme or simply thoughts from the heart. For me life has many passions; poetry is one of mine, just as I am passionate about leading an active lifestyle. From the Marine Corps or a recent tough mudder my passion towards fitness isn't turned on. I unleash it, which is to say I approach poetry the same. "Always Faithful" is a timeline. As for my inspiration, one I will call "Mi Libro," the other my cousin Jeska Trevino. Is life full of irony or bitterness? I'll take irony. It's easier on the heart. Semper Fidelis.