Alys’s Faceless Groom

Her eyes flurried with fear for her faceless groom
Her bitter betrothal banished her from seeing him before they wed
Rowan, he was called, so charming and tall, chirped her mother
As her lovely hair was let loose, thoughts lured and lingered,
Mystery was his manners, mind, and emotions
Dread arose as a blue ribbon arrived around her shoulders
Blue, the symbol of purity, but no longer would she be blameless
The king and queen, gratefully were giving their daughter away
Alys was not thankful, taunting worry consumed her timelessly
Are thou a greedy, godless gentile?
Or a captivating, chivalrous Christian?" she wondered
"Are thou a repulsive, rich rebel?
Or a noticeable, noble knight?" she thought
Only the highest praise had Alys heard, never once a hideous word
But never was royalty raised with a revolting reputation,
Ambitious for nothing royal, not even the noblest knight, was Alys
Faultlessly did Alys's dreams take a different form of falling
The queen paced into the petite room as Alys's face was painted,
To her merciless mother Alys gave
one look
She demanded her dreams to drown and die
Her dreams, she shaped and she shook
But ever they floated, flickering like fairies ready to fly
Her mother to Alys mistook

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This Poems Story

I am a seventeen-year-old who is honestly ecstatic to have my poem in this book. Among my interests are writing, obviously, reading, collecting books, eating healthy food, playing guitar, and people. I have many people who I am indebted to with much gratitude, who have helped me tremendously through the ups and downs of life. First, my father, who is a single parent, my five siblings, and my close circle of friends. Most importantly, however, I am thankful to my Savior, who is my God, whose daily grace gives me life.