Alyssa, she is not proper.
She runs in the wind unafraid to be swept up into the howling sky. She is wild. I watch the reflection in her eyes and it changes. She does not see the same as me anymore.
She twirls atop a high grassy hill with a tree like a ladder to the sky. A swing swoops down low to the ground. The golden sun reflects off her hair. I watch from a far as she laughs and run before she jumps on the swing. A feeling I once felt day in and day out rushes over my body.
So, I just close my eyes and let the throbbing rays of sun pierce my skin. All is calm. But it does not last forever, the silence is broken by her screams. I jump up to look at her for she is my sign of innocence's and safety.
The grassy hill, the tree, the sun, the swing, the long luscious grass. Its gone. I stand in a backyard behind a large field where a school sits. The swings on the play ground swaying back and forth, longing for a Childs touch, longing to turn into a rocket ship. A rollercoaster. A swing that sits high up on a grassy hill away from all worries.
It seems I have been in this yard the whole time. Other houses line the street next to mine. Alyssa, where has she gone. I look for her, I scream, I plead, Nothing I cant find her. She is gone.
Alyssa is gone.

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