Strewn all over the walls of memory,
Obituaries stare at you,
Only to evoke a yawn, which is not even weary!

Beneath the blanket of boredom,
Faded and shriveled memories turn restlessly,
In a disturbed slumber;
The mirror reveals a nameless image,
Smiling at you without recognition.
Hunger just runs amok, gurgles and despairs,
Unrecognised, inside the stomach;
In the corridors, where seconds tiptoes,
Mysteries spin webs and wait silently.

When unrecognised love vanishes
Like raindrops, falling on hot sand;
When unseeing eyes are cast all the way
As far as horizon, drawing only grey;
Heart, eased of all baggages,
Ticks relentlessly away to a world,
Where there are no more worries.

Right in the whirlpool where memories drowned,
Time stands truly still,
Like a yacht which has run aground.

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