Alzheimer’s: A Silent Battle

By ahamid3   

Your grandmother always said she’ll be fine
That nothing will ever be able to affect her
On her journey to conquer her battle with no plan defined.
She always said
I don't need any cannons,
Or any bows
Just leave me be
To fight my battle on my own.

There you are standing by as she retreats to her room
You stay very quiet and quite confused.
You always thought that you would fight your battles together
No matter what they bring,
But here you are standing on the sidelines while she puts on a brave face as if it was nothing.
Everyday she enters her room with a face of a warrior,
But as she departs
A look of defeat is written all over her innocent face.

Her days are long
Her worries are many,
But when asked what she needs,
She says,” I don’t need any.”

You think what could possibly be going on
There’s no loud disturbances
No gunshots,
No sight of the rockets red glare,
No bombs bursting in air,
Just complete silence.

After a given number of time which felt like a forever
She was finally able to reveal
That she was not battling a physical being,
But a picture trying to recollect if the face staring back at her was real.

Maybe if you can take a glance
Just by any chance
You can ease her pain.
But she keeps the imaged chained
To her two eyes only it remained.
Day after day she entered the battlefield,
And stood there like a lost child in front of that picture.
A picture is worth a thousand words they say,
but she can never find one word to explain what was right in front of her.

After all the years of cowardly acts
And indecisive thoughts
You decided it was time to take action
Against an unknown foe.
Equipt with the most powerful weapons
And unbreakable force
You entered the battlefield prepared for anything that was going to take course.

But you couldn't go in with ease
As you know she guarded the picture like a forbidden treasure.
Yes, there were many obstacles and no easy paths,
But there was nothing that was going to get in your way without facing your determined wrath.
So you crawled and slithered
Up and down the the hills she made
To make sure absolutely no one would try
To fight their way to the image she tried so hard to hide.
As you made your way and was able to see the chains
You prepared your weapons and waited patiently for the right moment,
But the lock was open as if you were chosen.
Like a soldier filled with hope you walked up to it
Gripped onto the chains
In that moment you were reminded of all the pain,
So with full force and pure hope you tore them off.

Hope quickly turned into despair
No there's was no picture,
But the wall was not bare,
As you looked forward you saw your very own reflection.

Your grandmother was not in a physical battle
But one on her own
Against her very own mind
An invisible battle that can’t be shown.
Although it may change the way she appears
One thing is clear
That she will still be a fighting warrior
In a ruthless and unforgiving battle.

White flags will never be drawn
Even though it's a battle that can't be won.

In the midst of chaos you will be a beacon of hope.
You will keep reminding her
Even though you can't think of the memories we shared before
Think of the future and know that there will be more,
And when you wake up in the morning or stay up till nights end
Know that I’m here till the very end.

Even though there was no red glare,
Or bombs bursting in air
Proof was still given that the flag of hope and prosperity was still there.

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This Poems Story

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 7 years ago and I wanted to share the battle that Alzheimer's patients go through on a daily basis, also the struggle to ask for help.