Am I Alone In This?

Am I alone?
In night and day
On grey days in San Francisco amongst the spit and twisted new-age green
In afternoon’s beaten, mistaken masterpiece
It appears so
Through the tin foil windows
And electric car racket
At a great and mighty midnight
I listen
For the shout of the other
The fanatics
The beast
The restless in their own city boxes
But night is always silent, nothing but bats and rage from a steam heater past its prime
Am I alone?
It appears so
There is only apes and rattling of the city dens, pots and pans in endless abstracted motion
The characters, the fine west talkers or New York spitballs, the rafter chaser, buggy-hopping daisy eyed red skull achers
Have. Disappeared.
With a monetary flash bomb
Replaced by the many touting to be as such
Undulating under screens they teem to emulate
Eyes rapid and saturated in static
As some unknown voice instructs
The body
how to move
Five dollar costumes shipped in a day ago to a long awaiting greeter
For such an occasion
Am I alone?
The good and hell-bent have surely gone
The night fighters and endless cruisers finished
The mad poets thrown from the great peach landings and brownstone plains
As they dared in different pace to become referential
The ramshack psychedelic fiends with their cameras have left
Maybe for Columbia
I watch their films
Try to find where they are
Those who speed midnight
Out of rightful madness
Obliterated by the motto that has transcended every dining room table
And came now with a ten dollar bill
They bought it and took it and made it a mask
and put it in your cigarette
And kicked it to the gutter and wore it as a hat
And laughed with jaundice sunglasses as the bloated ties licked it up with their cocaine
They extracted it from the music
Tied it with the pills
And it put in your E-Stores
There is no one who rides for midnight
Or waves til dawn fevered with a work for some higher godly kingdom
If so, it might then, perhaps, be for the almighty stage
Tied with some antidote of a jester
Insipidus ospidus creatures we are

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