Am I Going The Right Way?

I've been running in the marathon of man
Holding the baton of life,
My shoes of marriage were too heavy in the sand
And my shorts were stretched to big by my wife.
There's no gold at the end of this race
Sometimes I run it all alone,
People from sidelines give their opinions with no taste
While I carry this baton of burden that only comes from home.
Through the running,I see the bones of my predecessors
In search of their destination,
That would soon be my fate and might make me feel lesser
Than the next man who would have life for an occupation.
If I gain momentum,speed up,I might be swallowed
By my competitors or my bill collectors,
So I keep a steady pace because I'm being watched and followed
And keep a straight face for my jealous inspectors.
I don't think I'll ever get to the end of this race
But I feel it might be anyday,anyday,
My only regret is I don't know the hour or the place
And I might not ever know if I'm going the right way.

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