Am I Here

Am I here?
Do you see me, the real me
Not the person you want me to be
Can you accept me , with my nappy fro
My pudgy belly or uneven skin tone
Am I enough?
More than a night
I’m still trying to figure out if ‘m even your type
Almost four years
I’m still crying the same tears, having the same fears
Like Damn!
This wasn’t part of the plan, I don’t understand thought I was your woman
And you was my man
Though nobody could take my place
Now I’m feeling like anybody could replace this face
Hello! Am I here?
How else can I make myself clear
I’ve been loving you for how many years
Lately your phone making you forget I’m even there
So unaware
Of the shit happening around you
Don’t you see the love that surrounds you
The fake ass frauds who could give two shits about you
Like forreal am I here?
Yea I had to take it there
If it’s not one thing it’s another
That’s why when I feel a way
I don’t talk to you not to be a bother
What’s the point
Just gonna brush it off and light yourself a joint
I swear if I could rewind
I would just be focused on my coin
I am here, it’s not my fault you don’t realize I’m there
How much I care
How much I wanna lay up and stay up with you here
Grow up, glo up but you probably wouldn’t show up
I’ve been contemplating so much
Just trying to build trust between us
I want to have more than a touch, I want this bond to be clutch
But a woman could hold in but so much
Still Im wondering. Am I here?

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This Poems Story

Feeling lost in a relationship in a world taken over by technology.