Am I Temporary

Where do I stand in your life as I am?
Am I in the front,
Or am I in the stands?
Make up your mind before you call me mine.
You make most mindless thoughts, meanwhile you continue to lie.
Do I make your heart race,
like the coyote chasing the road runner?
When we stand face to face,
Is it me that makes your eyes flutter?
Do I give you the same lively feeling
Of the shock running down your spine,
Every time we touch, or when I just simply say hi?
Does the sight of me cause a loss of breath?
Do I drain you empty with nothing left?
Do your feelings sway in a joyful rhythmic pattern?
Do I cause your heart to stop, and fill you with laughter?
Or am I temporary,
like a season waiting to pass?
Am I foolish for believing the thought that we would last?
Do I only exist
When you're in need?
After all the CPR,
now I'm the one who can't breathe.
And now that you're alive,
You've taken so much pride
You left me unarmed in a war
With nowhere to hide
You are a beautiful poisoned apple,
That deceives the eye,
Every time I take a bite,
It murders a part of me inside
But I don't worry anymore about the butterflies when I see you
That cause my stomach to ache
Because I'm done with you treating me like a
Five minute smoke break.

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