Am I that great?

“Am I that Great?”

The thought never let my sight,

It clinches, drilling deep into my mind

I am surrounded by this notion, within this culture

I just wanna fit in, be him.


Not having to worry about standing out, being loud

Projecting my ideology, views, outlook- look out!

Praise his ethnicity, praise the minority,

All hail equality!

Teachers try and trick you to belittle your humanity,

Be extraordinary, refuse normality.

Students obsessed with their individuality

Rid of your insecurities, step out of the box with me.

I don't want to!

I like my box. It's a nice box.

We are all just the amalgamation of

our nation, nature, nurture, culture.

Come down from your throne,

We all have our own crown of thorns.

You all engage in this narcissistic ideology,

I can already hear you say

"Aren't we all great "

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