Am I Your Shadown

You whisper little jokes that I can’t hear
I stand back here all on my own
I watch you laugh and smile without me
I used to think we always needed and
depended on each other
just to see you’ve found some new friends
and made new bonds and forgot about me
For hours I watch you chatter and talk about how much fun you’re having but i’m just here
I’m like your shadow when i’m here you’re
there and when you’re there i’m here
I follow you cause I love you
The question I can’t seem to answer is do
you love me back you may love me
But is it more than those new friends
They are more than shadows to you
They are your flowers that you always watch over
I remember I was once your only flower in
an entire field the others didn’t die out they just never grew but will your new flowers soon become your shadows
Will you ever look back at me and pull me into the sunlight with you or
will I forever stay back here lonely

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