Amateurish Intimation

By SaiRafi    Avatar

It is very simple and bold,
Like the mirror of the sea.
No matter, where is muse?
Or dismissed and never called.
Full of errors and means;
Of course: not like Homer,
Not even Dante or Dawkins.
let me confess;
Listen and forget.
I write, like, climbing on to hill;
How could I dare to do it?
Should I dare to do it?
I back down, the Confucius's gill.
Alright, let me in...
Century of centuries, gone;
Fool of Fools, gone;
Pen of Pens, gone;
Lord of Lords, gone;
Assured my will, half an hour;
Fallen star telling myth-
And the cave, dark and deep-
And the beast; next half an hour;
No, get out you death myth.
Let me relax from out of pain...
O I see, what's going on, why?
I write, I, the amateur one,
Let me confess of my mind-
Permit and forget, shy.
Again the fallen star, O I missed.
Make it clear, loud and read.
Listen something about nothing-
O you the lost one of lost generation-
A story, the new one, you can add.
O no, where is the story? O its blank,
O you, listen by your dark heart,
O you, perhaps to be tested, ask;
O no, not again, won't fill up the blank.
This world is running like a runner;
Run and Run and Run but mocker,
Countries are making colour;
Red to green to blue but blacker.
Alas! We are the children of these star!
Alas! We are the living death but fear!
Alas! We are the surviver from our own!
Alas! We are the liker of primitive crown!
It is very simple and bold;
Like the song of a crow,
O it harsh and raw,
Life is cheaper then gold.

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The word "satisfaction" means something different to me, I don't want to be famous by poetry. All I understand about poetry is the wings of mind and the platform to told every untold with no rules. I'm not physically free man as like someone of you who have a lot of limit but only I can think free like an insider. "We may divide thinkers into those who think for themselves and those who think through others. The latter are the rule and the former the exception. The first are original thinkers in a double sense, and egoists in the noble meaning of the word. It is from them only that the world learns wisdom. For only the light which we have kindled in ourselves can illuminate others." - Schopenhauer