Amazing Facts

You were created to create.
That is a fact I find simply amazing.
We were meant to be creators.
We were meant to be trailblazers.
We are beautiful creatures.
We are more than just stargazers.
We were meant to spread creativity.
Amazing facts I could keep rephrasing.
You are more than ordinary.
Sorry, I can’t stop going; you’re too amazing.
You were meant to break the ordinances.
Soon, remember this when others start appraising.
You are so much more than another pile of organs.
If you don’t want to be with the cows, get off the pasturelands and rough grazing.
Become an astronaut if you want to penetrate orbits.
Become a priest if you want to fight hell-raising.
The opportunities are limitless.
We could become anything.
We all have a Spirit inside of us that’s gutless.
We could do it all, or we could do nothing.
Fate knows what it’s doing when the flight of our lives feels pilotless.
So sit back, relax, and refrain from badmouthing.
Send us on our way, and we won’t live spiritless.
Oh, the wonderful things we’re unearthing.
The wealth we have, but not from profits you’d think.
From the hearts reached and the arts made to breathe.
Here’s an amazing fact: you already have glorious riches.
It’s in your heart like a million dollars hides within a briefcase.
It’s in your compassion from your own scars already in stitches.
So here’s an amazing fact: you’re worthy to enjoy the breezes.
So I’ll stop writing this if you’ll stop reading it to go cement your own enriches.

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