Amber Rain

A wet and golden glowing haze
must interrupt my haste
A soaking amber atmosphere
that I can smell and taste

I cannot rush on such a night
but stop to take it in
beneath the chill incessant rain
that soaks me to the skin

What brought me out on such a night?
How did I end up here?
A quest for thoughtful solitude
to quell my lack of cheer

I sought to walk away my pain
to meditate alone
despite the cold relentless rain
that chills me to the bone

But then I chanced upon this place
and solace to me came
the magic of this glowing spot
shone through the amber rain

And as I stood and drank it in
my failures and disgrace
slid off my shoulders as the wet
meandered down my face

No matter how my day might go
no matter the chagrin
to chance upon a place like this
just stop and take it in.

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