I understood da life I chose
Underneath da pain I had ta grow
An rose
Far higher than I cared ta be
To a beauty
dat wuz right next ta me
An even when da days were cold
I always looked for God ta always know
Dat I am
Da man wit many flaws ta see
Dat I'm
Da one dat wuz meant ta be
Strivin' through da pain
No reservation
Da life I live
Wuz an observation
Of da lessons of my imperfections
Never stalling, no hesitations
I wish folks would stop comin'
And through you
Dey think dey know something
About you
Dat would put you in a place
You wasn't meant ta be
But dey already headed
there for eternity
Da waves inside my body flows
This heavenly derelict mind
I sowed
Only what I feel can never show
Cuz wit time only God knows
I felt da course alter
Beneath my feet
Da slurred words
Aligned my speech
Sent me to another place to see
Inside a prism
A billion shades of me
Standin' alone when nobody cared
leadin' on love
when he wuz beside himself
It's been a mighty long day
Lovin' too much
Will fill da pain of waves
Till it overflows
Too much ta gain
Puttin off efforts wit yo inner goals
Fadin' like bleach corrodes
How long has it been since you stop payin'
Attention to these empty spaces
It takes all ya mental paces
To comprehend wat I'm sayin'

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