What once was true love, has now become vengeance,
we love each other better from a distance.
Pride married Foolish, they begot Vanity, a sorceress who invented insanity.
Under her spell, Foolish burned Pride to dust,
a backfiring curse creating such as: Lust
Karma was born, she was Hope's ugly cousin,
Faith walked with angels, Love and Joy was one.
Then Love met Pain and they united you see,
Pain worked a spell and became hate magically.
But Love was patient and Love was surely kind
Sending Hate to cast a spell on her making her blind.
Peace came to help her in the form of a dove,
crept up on Hate, and turned the lights on for Love!
now Hate was stumbling an tripping in the dark;
crying out for Love with all of his cold bitter heart.
she pleaded for him to come into the light;
he replied "come here my love and all will be right."
Falling from wisdom into the dreams that he weaved,
Without sight and drunk again easily she was decieved.
Now here she was again tripping into ditches and struggling over boulders,
led by the same one who had her lookin over her shoulders.
No direction, no ending, living a worthless life of no sense;
Love and Hate still soon became withchild, and gave birth to Ambivalence.
Now she was a new breed and she was multplying like the flowers;
Not quite a sourpatch kid, for she began so sweet and lingered on more and more sour.
Forevermore bittersweet she remains a legal crime,
The only justice of Ambivalence.. Is to love and hate, at the same time.

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